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Edgardo Allan Poe ‘s “The Raven ‘

A note from the author about how “The Raven ‘ ‘by Edgardo Allan Poe came to be written:

“I was inspired to write that story when I was arrested by ICE. One day, somebody knock on my door and they say, “Your pizza ‘s ready. ‘ I did not order no pizza. And also it was seven o ‘clock in the morning. When I open the door, eight guys in Pizza Hut polos rushed in and they suplex me through my TV. Apparently a lady called 911 and said, “A Latino in a house. ‘ I spent two months in prison, but they had to let me go because actually I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. When I was one years old, my family moved to Uruguay so my dad could be the first manager at the first Sears in Montevideo. ‘

The Raven ‘ by Edgardo Allan Poe

The Raven flew into my house like a bat out of hell.

And it landed on the head of my life-size statue of JFK.

“Raven, it is after midnight, ‘ I say.

“I am trying to nap. ‘

But the Raven say, “Nevermore. ‘

I told the Raven that now that me and Leonora had broken up,

I would try to eat healthy and work out,

but the Raven say, “Nevermore. ‘

“Get out of here, you stupid, evil Raven! ‘ I say.

“You cannot come to a man ‘s house and torment him like this. ‘

But the Raven say, “Nevermore. ‘

Finally, the Raven left after I open a window and I sprayed the bird with Glade.

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