These Christmas Carols are all wrong

Last year, when being around other humans wasn ‘t the worst thing you could do, some friends got together to sing Christmas Carols and celebrate the Holiday spirit.

“Is she saying toes? I ‘m hearing toes. ‘

One of them knew lyrics that were completely different, and as a result we get a glimpse in to a tale that becomes more and more upsetting with every layer that is revealed.

“Why do you keep saying toes?! ‘

Also, it ‘s just fun to replace the words in Christmas carols, and we really recommend trying it at your next opportunity. And it ‘ll definitely sound a lot better after you ‘ve chugged a whole thing of egg nog, we promise.

Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? You can subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘here. They have a podcast you can listen to ‘here ‘(or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts). DM them dick pics ‘here.

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