We rewrote “The Night Before Christmas ‘ about what a dumpster fire 2020 has been

‘Twas the night before Christmas, inside of my bubble

On my bed-fort at home, where I hunker and huddle

I ‘ve spent 14 hours just staring at screens

Tiger King, Mando, and old Mr. Beans

2020 has been A LOT. So on this Night Before Christmas, we ‘re taking a look back at the year that we just endured. We ‘re sorry if this video triggers your PTSD.

Me? I ‘m no better, eating beans from the can

Watching talk shows from home and sports with no fans

I flip back and forth between Ex on the Beach

And the President imploring his base to drink bleach

Keep telling yourself “Just one more week… Just one more week… ‘ while you rock back and forth in the shower.

Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? You can subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘here. They have a podcast you can listen to ‘here ‘(or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts). DM them dick pics ‘here.

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