By: Sloane Hughes

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Margot Robbie Survived ‘Hot Ones ‘ And I ‘m Genuinely Proud

We ‘ve been very patient, and now it ‘s finally here:

The season premiere of Hot Ones just dropped, babeyyyyyyy!!

Season 11 opened with Academy Award-nominee and master of like, every regional American accent, Margot Robbie. Unfortunately, though, she ‘s definitely not a master of hot sauces. Before digging into the first wing of the gauntlet, Margot informs us that she “has the palate of a four-year-old, ‘ and judging by the sheer terror on her face and nervous laughter that she is not acting.

“I ‘m so scared! ‘ Be brave, Margot! Be brave.

As she foretold, by the third wing Margot ‘s starting to feel the heat. However, she amazingly (and unexpectedly, to be honest) holds it together and rallies like a goddamn champ. I don ‘t think I ‘ve ever rooted this hard for any contestant on Hot Ones, but can you blame me?! This is just a classic underdog story! Having to be the first poor soul through the new sauce gauntlet is a feat unto itself, and as someone who went into this hating and fearing hot sauce, she absolutely gets extra props.

Margot, I salute you.

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