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This Tale About A Half-Man Half-Motorcycle Is The Ultimate Love Story

It ‘s Valentine ‘s Day, and romance is in the air.

No matter how you ‘re celebrating ‘ or not celebrating ‘ today, there ‘s one thing you definitely need to make it complete, and it ‘s this music video.

After releasing “Horse ‘ in April of last year, Salvatore Ganacci is back with another wildly creative and equally unconventional video to accompany his latest track, “Boycycle ‘ (feat. S ‘bastien Tellier. This second act features Salvatore as a lone Boycycle, that is, half-human half-motorcycle, found unconscious in the wilderness and taken in by a kind older man. Once he ‘s been nursed back to health the real struggle begins as he tries to find his place in the world, and someone to share it with.

It ‘s just your classic tale of boy-machine-meets-girl-machine!

And more than that, it ‘s the story of one Boycycle ‘s journey to becoming a Mancycle, and learning how to love himselfcycle.

A word from Salvatore Ganacci and the video ‘s director Vedran Rupic:

Listen to Boycycle EP here.

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