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Which Impractical Joker Are You?

You could have more in common with one of the Impractical Jokers than you think, but there ‘s only one way to know for sure! Take our quiz to see if you and Joe, Q, Murr, or Sal are cut from the same cloth ‘ make sure to keep track of your answers!

Which food do you like the most?

A. Ravioli
B. Soup
C. Chocolate
D. Donuts

What are you most afraid of?

A. Germs
B. Sharks
C. Spiders
D. You ‘re not afraid of anything

Pick a punishment to subject yourself to.

A. Enter a bingo tournament and yell “BINGO ‘ after every number
B. Become a human pi ‘ata
C. Wrestle a backpack from an alligator
D. Be lowered into a water tank while trapped in a straightjacket

Do you get embarrassed easily? ‘

A. Very easily
B. Yes, but mostly because you end up in embarrassing situations more than most people
C. You can hold it together pretty well
D. Nobody could humiliate you even if they tried

Where is your happy place?

A. Relaxing in your own home after cleaning it from top to bottom
B. Working on your book
C. Inside a kick-ass comic book store
D. Surrounded by lots of good food

When something hilarious happens, you…

A. Laugh so hard you fall over
B. Laugh so hard you cry
C. Laugh so hard there ‘s a chance you ‘ll hurl
D. Laugh so hard you don ‘t even make noise


Mostly A ‘s: You got Salvatore “Sal ‘ Vulcano!

You ‘re a nice guy with a big personality who isn ‘t afraid of a challenge ‘ even if you ‘re a bit of a germaphobe. You ‘re a little particular, so what!

Mostly B ‘s: You got James “Murr ‘ Murray!

You ‘re full of energy and can dish it out just as well as you can take it ‘ and you can take a lot!

Mostly C ‘s: You got Brian “Q ‘ Quinn!

You ‘re the laid-back quiet type, but anyone would be a fool to underestimate you for it! You can roll with whatever punches come your way.

Mostly D ‘s: You got Joseph Gatto!

You ‘re so immune to shame and humiliation it ‘s basically a superpower. Game to dive head-first into anything and everything, you ‘re virtually unstoppable. Use your powers for good!

Impractical Jokers: The Movie premieres on February 21. For episodes of Impractical Jokers, tune into TruTV or head to for on-demand viewing.

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