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Kevin Bacon Might Just Win Randy Over

Operation: Kill Kevin Bacon is on hold ‘ for now.

After meeting his self-proclaimed mortal enemy and somehow ending up as his personal assistant, Randy Beslow is now an arm ‘s length away from Kevin Bacon on a daily basis, but he ‘s decided to take a different approach. After accidentally helping Kevin acquire the rights to Frog and Toad, Randy realized that before he literally murders him, he could help Kevin murder his own career by making the worst buddy-film of all time. It ‘s brilliant! There are just one or two little complications.

First, in Randy ‘s quest to help Kevin get his terrible movie made, he might accidentally become real friends with him.

Second, Kyra Sedgwick.

Thanks to the sixth sense she ‘s acquired as “The Closer ‘, Kyra could tell that something about Randy is off, and a week of tailing Randy ‘s former coworker and reluctant friend, Jeff, has led her right to Randy ‘s impounded U-Haul ‘ full of incriminating (and definitely unhinged) evidence that Randy hates and plans on killing Kevin Bacon.

The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon ‘is available now, only on Spotify. New episodes drop every Monday.

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