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This Driver Announces Her Divorce In Rush Hour

Marriage is hard, but rush hour traffic is harder.

In relationships, there is compromise (and if there isn ‘t – y ‘all can just break up!). However, rush hour traffic loves no one: no matter how carefully you plan your route to ensure you won ‘t be late, rush hour traffic will selfishly cause unprecedented slowdowns and senseless lane closures that will make you so late for work that that your co-workers will start to think you ‘re a careless asshole when really: it was traffic ‘s fault! It ‘s always traffic ‘s fault!

Though traffic will always break your heart (and make you late for anything important), Alex Greer found a couple that will restore your faith in humanity: Laura (and her “colleague ‘ Timo).

Hey, Internet, meet Laura, custodial manager and soon-to-be divorcee:

The most important things to know about Laura:

  1. She loves parrots more that her significant other because birds are “cleaner ‘
  2. She owns a Now That ‘s What I Call Shrek CD
  3. She has a boyfriend with *very* sexy biceps ‘ ‘
  4. She carries both tarot cards and bible bookmarks in her glovebox and does not fear religiously-fueled spontaneous combustion

The Traffic Show on Funny Or Die

Starring Alex Greer, who along with his GoPros, an iPhone and hand-held mic, jumps in your car to bring some revelry to your rush hour commute. Bedecked in suit and tie ‘ and a surprising willingness to put himself in harm ‘s way ‘ the host of Funny Or Die ‘s The Traffic Show helps turn the 5:00 mess that rush hour gridlock into a talk show studio to make you laugh.

Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders

Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

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