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This Fan-Made ‘Schitt ‘s Creek ‘ Lip Sync Is Simply The Best

I think it ‘s safe to say that we ‘re all in need of some happy, uplifting news these days.

So with that said, Schitt ‘s Creek, the best series ever, is officially over.

Okay, I know that ‘s the complete opposite of happy, uplifting news, but bear with me ‘ that ‘s just the setup. All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end. Six seasons definitely did not feel like enough, but this is exactly how Dan Levy and the rest of the Schitt ‘s squad envisioned this masterpiece playing out. Plus, it ‘s undoubtedly better for the series to end here, at the height of its greatness, than it would be for the writers to try and keep things going and end up with more seasons that just aren ‘t as good. (Looking at you, Community.)

The series finale airs this evening, and fans everywhere are preparing for the bittersweet goodbye. But nobody has devised a more wonderful way to say farewell to the cast and crew of Schitt ‘s Creek than Jessica Mielke. You may remember Jessica from her previous Schitt ‘s-inspired work, a three-minute compilation video of David literally just saying “OH MY GOD ‘. If you ‘re not familiar, please, I beg you, go watch it now. It ‘s hilarious.

Her most recent project, though, is definitely going to tug at your heartstrings.

Jessica stitched together clips of dozens of fans performing their own lip sync to Tina Turner ‘s “The Best ‘ ‘ la David Rose, so that everyone could tell the people who made Schitt ‘s Creek possible exactly how they feel ‘ that they are simply the best.

And as if THAT wasn ‘t enough to get you ugly crying, Jessica and her co-creator Blou set up an entire website where people could submit testimonials to express in their own words just how much Schitt ‘s Creek means to them, and the profound impact the show has had on their lives.


Check out all the testimonials on their website here, and probably have a box of tissues handy.

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