By: Tamara Yajia

Article by Kat Curtis

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Tam Teaches Spanish

Many of you are stuck at home, which means it ‘s the perfect time to finally learn how to speak Spanish.

But since none of us will be traveling any time soon, Tam Yajia will teach you some more practical expressions that you ‘ll actually be able to use while self-isolating.

Lesson #1 – Adjusting to Life in Quarantine

This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase let ‘s get this bread

Lesson #2 – Questions for your Doctor

If you don ‘t want the truth… maybe don ‘t ask your doctor.

Lesson #3 – Money Problems

Just like the JG Wentworth commercial said, “It ‘s my money and I need it NOW! ‘

Lesson #4 – Expressions you can use when contacting any government agency

Just make sure to really emphasize the word mierda – and don ‘t forget to roll your R ‘s.


Produced, Written & Starring:

Tam Yajia

Edited by:

Paul Smith

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