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Best Of The Web Nominees Vol. 1

We receive tons of submissions every day from the community of comedy creators across the world. We review as many as we can, and are very excited to start featuring some of our favorites as Best Of The Web Nominees for YOU, the audience (hi), to vote on.

The winner will be crowned as a Best Of The Web Audience Pick (we ‘re extremely creative) and will receive lifelong glory, validation, immortality, fame, etc. etc. etc. But we need your help to make it happen! Vote!

If you think you can do better yourself, or if you want to nominate someone else ‘s video to be included in a future roundup, you can submit videos here.

These roundups will only feature submissions; if we find other great stuff elsewhere, we ‘ll write about it elsewhere! We have a whole website, actually. Check it out if you have time!

Here are the Best Of The Web Volume 1 Nominees!

Homeland Insecurity

Set in 2010, “Homeland Insecurity ‘ takes you on a ride-along with the TSA at the Greater Inland National Airport (The GINA). In Episode 1, Patty tries to motivate the TSA crew, but her ill-conceived plan backfires, and her neighbor ends up paying for it.

Starring Mike C. Nelson, Carla Renata, Sarah Jayne Jensen, Ben Begley, and Patty Wortham
Created by Rob Shalhoub, Rani Aliahmad, and Josh Greenbaum
Directed by Josh Greenbaum
Co-Created and Produced by Nadia Munla
Written by Josh Greenbaum and Ben McMillan
Edited by Eric Notarnicola

Ed Sheeran joined our zoom call!

The best quarantine sketch money could buy…

Written and Performed by the Trophy Husbands
Directed and Edited by Mike Mildon

Quarantine Life: Working From Home

Staying motivated while working from home is important. Get inspired and get to work! Based on a very, very true story.

Created by Curren Sheldon and Tijah Bumgarner.


Sometimes you just don ‘t know how to say Goodbye.

Starring –
Becky Abrams
Lucas Harvie
Stefan Schuette

Written and Directed by Tony Cohen @celluloidsimple
Director of Photography – Frank Howard
Assistant Camera – Josh Lawson
Sound – Peter Getz
Prod Coordinator – Andrew Kanatani

Ultimate Quarantine Workout

This is how we work out during a quarantine mmmm

Created by Nicky Margolis


Artificial ‘s Tabitha Price visits the home of Neila Johanssen to see what her life is like with the NATHAN, the lastest humanoid domestic helper from Japanese manufacturer Michiko Roboto.

Created by Matt Laud

The Corona Hack Standup Comedy Special

Relatable, or actually funny? Guess which one we picked!

Written, performed, and edited by Malcolm Kelner

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