By: Fun Dome


#Crossword – Sqwalkie Episode 4

In the quest to solve a crossword puzzle, Episode 4 has Tammy seeking help from Jeff and Michael to finish the final clue. They are both, as usual, of almost no help. Until they are!

FUN FACT: Michael booked a trip just so he could shoot in an airport and a plane. (ok… not really, but it worked out that his trip to visit family was the perfect background for his storyline).

Welcome to the crazy adventures of the latest way we humans communicate… using our phones to do everything but call each other. It ‘s a humorous look at life in 2020. As we like to say “everyone laughs under the Fun Dome. ‘

From the minds of Michael Cotter, Tammy Dahlstrom & Jeff Witzke – long time friends, working actors, content creators. Fun Dome is basically three friends… making silly videos. That ‘s it. Seriously… all we ‘re doing is having fun.

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