By: Fun Dome


#IKEA – Sqwalkie Episode 5

In this episode, the gang travels to IKEA to each do a little shopping. ‘When Michael needs their opinion on a new bed, finding each other in the matrix of aisle is much… much harder than they thought. ‘

FUN FACT: ‘Shhhhh. ‘Don ‘t tell. ‘But we did not get kicked out while filming. ‘ ‘

Welcome to the crazy adventures of the latest way we humans communicate… using our phones to do everything but call each other. It ‘s a humorous look at life in 2020. As we like to say “everyone laughs under the Fun Dome. ‘

From the minds of Michael Cotter, Tammy Dahlstrom & Jeff Witzke – long time friends, working actors, content creators. Fun Dome is basically three friends… making silly videos. That ‘s it. Seriously… all we ‘re doing is having fun.

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