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CLIP: Powerful ways to disrupt social systems beyond protesting, with Deepa Iyer (Call & Response)

Writer, lawyer and ‘racial justice advocate Deepa Iyer ‘discusses the Social Change Ecosystem Map and what role each of us can play in disrupting racism and social systems

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Play Your Part: Rolling With The Movement- Call & Response LIVE

Deepa Iyer

Writer, Lawyer, Racial Justice Advocate & Creator of Social Change Ecosystem Map & “Solidarity Is This ‘ Podcast

Twitter: @dviyer

Instagram: @deepaviyer

About Call & Response

Call & Response is a new show designed to respond to the changes and activism of our time. Each day, Baron and Mike will invite their favorite Black creators ‘ activists, comedians, musicians, actors, visual artists, and more ‘ to riff on current events, discuss the present momentum, and speak about their work and struggles.

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