By: Matt Harbert

Screened at The Pack Theater with Royale Sketch. Anthony Owliaie as Daedalus, Anne Yatco is the Sun.


Icarus Wants to Fuck the Sun (Rap)

We all know the story of Icaurus flying too close to the sun. But did you know Icarus wanted to fuck the sun? Did you know he rapped about said sun and said fornication?

Unfortunately “Big Education ‘ doesn ‘t want you to know the truth, but we know the truth. We know that Deadalus rapped to Icarus his warning, and Icarus rapped straight back. Cuz he has wings dude. Would you listen to anyone if you had wings? I don ‘t think you would.

Fortunately the sun won ‘t be objectified even though the sun is an object. But not in this rap baybay! The sun lays down some sick beats and dope rhymes. Icarus needs to learn a lesson I think. Ya know? Just because you want the sun that doesn ‘t mean the sun wants you back. It ‘s ok to learn rejection Icarus, even if it ‘s in a rap song. This is a video for entertainment purposes only, do not try to fornicate with the actual sun.

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