By: Alec Castillo


Pharrell ‘s Secret Pixar Doppelg ‘nger

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@pharrell yo wtf

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Are you as suspicious as I am?

Multi-disciplinary pop superstar, Pharrell Williams, always looked familiar to me but I was never quite able to put my finger on it. There was something in his face, in the composition of his cheekbones, that reminded me of a figure long gone from my childhood days.

This past week, clearing out boxes of childhood memories at my Dad ‘s house, I stumbled upon a 1999 VHS of Pixar ‘s “A Bug ‘s Life ‘.. and then it hit me.





In case you don ‘t remember the plot of A Bug ‘s Life, Flik is a cast-off genius inventor ant who is ostracized from his colony of ants. But his odd new ways of doing things, ends up earning their respect and changing the status quo. Does that sound like anyone you know.. like.. PHARRELL?

It really makes you think: Who can you really trust anymore?

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