By: Alex Parkinson

Eric Castaneda


Meeting Sidebars Are The Worst

The only thing worse than having to sit through a shitty meeting is when your shitty co-worker derails the whole thing by having some stupid off-topic conversation. An hour later and you haven ‘t even touched on the budget planning agenda.

But have you ever wondered how deep the sidebars go? And what happens if you call a sidebar by yourself? Sounds like some Christopher Nolan Inception shit, right?

We get it, we all miss seeing people, but let ‘s not pretend going into the office was anything but a colossal waste of time. “Sidebar ‘ is here to remind you of that.


Written, Directed, and Produced by
Eric Castaneda and Alex Parkinson

Joy: Veanna Black
Maxine: Lily Naz
Eli: Alex Parkinson
Walter: Eric Castaneda
Jackie: Coley Campany

Director of Photography
Brandon Peterson

Assistant Director
Samuel Mark Peterson

Editor and VFX Artist
Jared Nesi

Sound and Audio Mixing
Spencer Poole

Original Music Written and Produced by
Eric Castaneda

Special Thanks
Lens Head Studios
BP40 Creative


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