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The reviews for SCREAMING are in!

“It ‘s like that one movie kicking and screaming, but without the kicking. ‘

“That Rollercoaster sketch y ‘all did was unlike anything I ‘ve ever seen. ‘

“Wow. I didn ‘t know if I should laugh or cry. ‘

Performed in 2018 at the McCadden Place Theatre in West Hollywood, CA. Thanks for watching and we hope to see you at our next show/live stream!

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Portia Juliette

Grace Korkunis

Kevin Phan

Davey Jarrell

Marc Rosenzweig

Patrick Olsen

LaRose Washington

Katie Baker

Trifecta Comedy Producer/Stage Manager:

Alexis Hettick

“Hangry & Beautiful ‘ Videography by:

Kevin Ramlal

Frank Phan

TRIFECTA COMEDY is an LA based sketch comedy group with 12 wild, animated, and creative artists. They are officially Certified Rotten.

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