By: Alex Parkinson


This Is How Marriage Story Should Have Played Out

In the midst of a bitter argument, Glen and Sarah discover what drove them apart ‘ and what will keep them together. We all watched in horror as the perfect relationship between Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver fell apart in Marriage Story. But no-one ever questioned the role the child played in the demise. If only those two had an honest conversation about the kid ‘s shortcomings, maybe they could have salvaged their marriage.

Quarantine and homeschooling has been tough on everyone, but never lose sight of who the real antagonist is. This Valentine ‘s Day, let Divorce Story show you how your rocky romance can be saved by making a smarter choice.


Written and Directed by
Alex Parkinson

Sarah Kramer ‘ Coley Campany
Glen Kramer ‘ Alex Parkinson
Abbey Kramer ‘ Addy Sokol
Timothy ‘ Michael Sokol
Process Server ‘ Adam Lendermon

Director of Photography
Blake Studwell

First AC
Christian Gomez

Location Sound Mixer
Jimmy Gilmore

Sound Editor
Eric Castaneda

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