By: Sloane Hughes

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These Signs Made Me Laugh So Hard I ‘m Sweating

Comedy, like all art, is subjective. What tickles the ol ‘ funny bone for you may be crickets for somebody else, and that ‘s fine! There are a few things, however, that damn near everybody is guaranteed to at least chuckle at.

For example, everyone loves a good word fumble.

You know, things like when you go to say “good ‘ and “great ‘ at the same time and end up saying “grood ‘. Or when third graders try to write out how proficient their parents are in the kitchen and “cook ‘ becomes “cock ‘. Sometimes there doesn ‘t even have to be a mistake for words to be funny, the other day I saw an ad for a company called “Bibme, a Chegg service ‘, and holy mother of god that combination of words made me laugh so hard I almost puked.

Go on, try and say “BIBME, A CHEGG SERVICE ‘ out loud without laughing. I dare you.

There are few things on earth as well-known and reliable for providing top quality word fumbles or just generally hilarious phrases as letterboard signs outside of businesses, and luckily for all of us, some generous soul by the name of Ghobsmacka on Twitter has compiled dozens of them in one place so we may all bust a gut together.


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