By: Alex Parkinson

Blake Studwell


This Is What Happens When You Take Off Your Wedding Ring

Have you ever walked out of your house and realized you left your wedding ring in your gym shorts? Or accidentally pulled your ring off with the paper towel while you dried your hands, and then thrown it in the garbage? If you answered yes to either of those, did you spouse give you a second chance? You ‘re lucky.

Kimberly doesn ‘t give George second chances, so when he offers Walter his ring to try to clear up some confusion, she reminds him who ‘s boss. It ‘s a painful lesson and one we hope no-one else has to learn. WEAR YOUR WEDDING RING.


Coley Campany
Alex Parkinson
Ben Owen
Veanna Black

Alex Parkinson & Blake Studwell

Alex Parkinson

Director of Photography
Blake Studwell

First AC
Zach Thurman

Chris Gomez

Special Effects
Silver Scream FX Lab

Produced by
Parky Films

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