By: Joey Thompson


People From “Up & Coming ‘ Cities

Somewhere between bustling large cities and rural small towns lie the “up and coming cities. ‘ Come take a tour with city planners Joey & Sean as they take you through the hotels, wedding venues, breweries and more breweries that their up and coming city has to offer. There ‘s “a lot of opportunities ‘ here if you are looking to launch a brewery, gastropub, bar or microbrewery. Be sure to check out the city ‘s single tourist attraction before you last call it.

Honestly “up and coming cities ‘ have just the perfect amount of attractions without all the insanity of a large city. They are hidden gems and pretty much every state has their own version of an “up and coming ‘ city. Just be wary it doesn ‘t get flooded with city slickers or obnoxious small towners coming to cruise the strip in their lifted trucks

Starring, Written, & Edited by Joey Thompson & Sean Russel Herman

Shot by Dan Johnson in an ubiquitous upcoming city in South Carolina

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