By: Alec Castillo


Doctor Antonio Fauci Did Not Give Marijuana to Barron Trump

La Ventanita Con Espumita is a weekly series created by Alec Castillo where Espumita, a talking cup of cuban coffee, gossips and gives the low-down on “chisme. ‘ This week, she has a very special guest: Doctor Antonio Fauci.

Fauci just doesn ‘t seem to have much interest in talking about the coronavirus anymore. Instead, he insists on defending his innocence on how he NEVER GAVE MARIJUANA TO BARRON TRUMP! Never. Not once. If Barron Trump smoked marijuana, it was NOT from Doctor Antonio Fauci.

If I were Fauci, I ‘d be sick and tired of talking about COVID all day too. He ‘s been doing it for 13 months, give him a break and let him talk about Shrek.

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