Lorde  ‘ (Soccer) Team Parody

Lorde ‘ (Soccer) Team Parody

An 11-yr-old “weak link” doesn’t realize she sucks at soccer. To the tune and in the style of Lorde’s “Team.”

Lorde  ‘ (Hopkins) Royals Parody

Lorde ‘ (Hopkins) Royals Parody

Writer/Director/Producer/Vocals: Molly Dworsky // Sound: Xander Lott // Videographer: Matt Houchin // Video Editor: Sam E Mark // Starring: Molly Dworsky, Brent Klava, Michael MacMillan, Michael Orensteen, Allison Routman, and Monica Routman Special Thanks: Riva Di Paola-Lombardi, Kelli Ramstad (and Mrs. Ramstad), Mr. and Mrs. Mark, Betsy Sansby, Al Dworsky, Fran Benjamin, Jason Rodich, “Knowledge Dropped” and Lesly Kahn’s November Clinic, Hugo’s staff, Hopkins High School and Lindbergh Center, and Lorde Molly Dworsky is an LA-based Minneapolis native pursuing a career in comedy. She is SAG eligible and currently seeking representation. 🙂 Please contact her at mollydworsky@gmail.com

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