One Away: A Comedic Short

The following is an inspiring, fake story based on nothing. A story about two normal men who did something incredible for a man in need. How far would you go to make the final sale of the night… if you were ONE sale away from the goal? _____________ Starring: ‘Nick Major ‘| ‘Steven Bryan Jackson…

Stare: A Comedic Short

Stare: A Comedic Short film about the ultimate staring contest. ‘Two roommates engage in an intense, inspiring and semi-erotic staring contest. Who will keep their eyes open the longest and claim victory? Only God knows. And you will too, after watching STARE. Starring ‘Nick Major, ‘Meg Dick, & ‘Andy Dick. _____________ Directed by: ‘Geoff Plitt…

Tell Me When: A Comedic Short

Tell Me When: A Comedic Short asking life ‘s most important question… How much cheese is too much cheese? Watch to find out. _____________ Starring: Nick Major, Meg Dick, & Shane McCracken Directed by: Sara Farag Written & Edited by: Nick Major Camera: Hayssam Bazzi Audio: Bryce Thomas Slate: Gabriela Ruiz Lighting: Cesar Martinez Produced…

The Malebox

Watch THE MALEBOX right here, right now. When gender goes postal ‘ ‘ A comedy short starring Andy Dick, Nick Major and Meg Dick. ____________ Written|Directed|Edited by: Nick Major Filmed by: Hayssam Bazzi Audio: Connor Jesse

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