High Science

High Science (2023)


  • Funny Or Die
    HBO Max


  • Matt Klinman
  • Zack Poitras
  • Scott Lewers
    Caroline Perez
    Joseph Schneier
  • Henry R. Muñoz III
    Mike Farah
    Joe Farrell


HIGH SCIENCE stars Matt Klinman, Zack Poitras as they travel on psychedelic journeys of discovery, courtesy of their talking bong, Dr OH, voiced by Paul Bettany. The hijinks-filled docuseries focuses on “real facts from the cutting edge of human knowledge” with guest expert appearances from astrobiologists, archeologists, zoologists and more from universities across the world.

Episodes will become available to stream on HBO Max and Discovery+ and the series will premiere two episodes weekly beginning April 26 on Discovery Channel.

Learn more about HIGH SCIENCE on Discovery+.

HIGH SCIENCE is created, written, and executive produced by Klinman and Poitras. Head writer is Joe Randazzo and the directer is Olney Atwell. Executive producers are Henry R. Muñoz III, Joe Farrell, and Mike Farah; showrunner Becca Kinskey, Paul Bettany, John D. Boswell, Evan Mirzai; co-executive producers are Whitney Hodack and Kate Lilly. For Discovery, executive producers are Scott Lewers, Caroline Perez and Joseph Schneier.