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Mouse Entourage Season 3 Episode 1

The beginning of their junior season finds the guys kicking back, relaxing, and having some fun, coasting on the success of Bangcock Danger Mouse. The slacking comes to an end when they run into 14 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, who reminds them that there is no time to waste when chasing excellence. Of course, the guys still take the time to enjoy Charlie Sheen's gift of two buxom babes.

Jelly Beans Mouse
Onnonay X
Shivers Mouse
Chrispenn Mouse
Jeremy Piven
Michael Phelps
DJ C-Town
Candy McJohnson
Misty Dawn Chong
Chuck McCarthy – 1st AC
Jen Nies – 2nd AD
This episode featured music from:
Gravity ‘s Rainbow
Special thanks to Raul Fernandez, if he hadn ‘t made it over that fence, we might not be here today.
This season is dedicated to Shivers Mouse.
In Association with:

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