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90’s Legal Shows That Never Made It

The year is 1993. The place is Seattle, WA. The music is loud. Forget everything you thought you knew about courtrooms, because in the court of young Judge Stone Wallace (Mark-­Paul Gosselaar), you're guilty until you prove you can rock. With the hottest bailiff in the city (Heather Locklear), a rockstar best friend (Breckin Meyer), and an evil defense lawyer (Malcolm McDowell) who wants to turn the music down for good, Judge Wallace is going to have to find a way to keep on rockin' or take off his flannel robes forever. 

The Persian Gulf War may be over, but the court-­marshall trials are just beginning. Join the hottest team of young military prosecutors (Breckin Meyer, Heather Locklear, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar) as they bring justice to the Arabian Peninsula, one case at a time. The law's about to go through a sandstorm – of justice! 

As the hottest boy band in the world, The Booya Boyz are performing in sold-out arenas every night, but during the day, Mark-­Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer are the dopest young lawyers around. They're winning cases with a killer soundtrack and trying to ditch tour manager Heather Locklear, who's always harshing their mellow. 

Three athletes. Four Olympic Games. Unlimited fun. In this Olympic­-themed crime-fighting show, American decathletes Mike and Matt (Mark-­Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer) team up with British speed skater Donna (Heather Locklear) to solve an intricate series of crimes inside the Olympic Village. Join the team as they travel from Barcelona to Lillehammer to Atlanta to Nagano and track down the dastardly criminal (Malcolm McDowell) who's turning the Olympic Games into his own private piggy bank. 

What are three law school students supposed to do when they're sent to intern in the Department of Justice? Bust the President! Heather Locklear, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Breckin Meyer star in this hilarious dramedy about exposing sexual harassment and having fun along the way! When you need to take down the most powerful man in the world, who do you call? The Interns! 

Who says the Internet is just a fad? Breckin Meyer stars as young tech genius Robby Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is his fast-­talking best friend Arnie Lovejoy, and Heather Locklear is Heather Locklore, the lawyer who's going to take Robby's hot new tech company from tiny start­-up to the big leagues as they battle companies like Netscape, America Online, and Mindspring for supremacy of the dial­-up game. Silicon Techlaw is all about the Internet and the Internet is awesome! 

Breckin Meyer stars as Breckin St. James, a quirky lawyer who also happens to be a ghost. Check out the law show that critics are calling super… natural. From Executive Producers Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Heather Locklear, and Vanilla Ice.

In this hilarious legal drama from producer/judge Lance Ito, three lawyers follow disgraced running back O.J. Simpson around to make sure he doesn't get in any more trouble. Unfortunately, he can't seem to stop breaking the law! Heather Locklear, Breckin Meyer, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar star as the zany legal team that can't catch a break. If the laughs fit, you must sit… on your couch! 

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