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Oh My God! Here’s All 90 Ways They Killed Kenny

In the town of South Park, violently killing young Kenny McCormick was once a tradition as grand as any there ever was, that is until creators Trey Park and Matt Stone eventually grew tired of the gimmick and decided to spend their Kenny-based brainstorming time becoming Broadway billionaires instead.

Through the show ‘s first 16 seasons, Kenny was brought down a whopping 90 times. That ‘s a lot of death for anyone, much less a young cartoon child. But now I ‘ll bet you ‘re all thinking, ‘Gosh, I ain ‘t got me no time to watch every dang episode of South Park all overs again. I sure do wish there was an easy to see all the ways young Kenneth done did die.” Well, fictional character, consider your prayers answered.

A fan of the show has put together a wonderful design, non-sequential list of each and every way Kenny was killed in the show ‘s first 225 episodes. It ‘s a fun read for fans of South Park, lists, and, of course, gruesome murder.

via Reddit, H/T Uproxx

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