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High Article #4: These Are The Best Websites

The above is not one of the best websites. It is merely a website.

Hey, if you ‘re reading this on the internet, that makes sense. I wrote it for you. On the internet. But as someone who uses the internet, you likely know what websites you like. And which you don ‘t. But some of you likely don ‘t. Hey, there are a lot of websites out there and you should know about them. With so many options, you ‘re likely to get overwhelmed. ‘Oh, what site should i go to?”: that ‘s what you sound like.

Problem solved. Below are the best websites:

(note i am not including funny or die on this list. that ‘s a biased answer and you deserve better. it ‘s called pandering and i ‘m above that. And you know what? You are too.).

Anyway, here ‘s the best websites:
do you guys go there? it ‘s great
It ‘s great try it.

This is a fan blog on SBNation. It ‘s a really good site. I ‘m, admittedly, a Bills fan so i probably will like it more than you. Unless you like the bills then that ‘s great. You should they ‘re a fun team to root for even though they rip away your soul and make you feel the way you felt on the worst day of your life but that makes sense because today is the worst day of your life if you ‘re a bills fan.
Not to be confused with Different website. Go to both, I don ‘t care.
It ‘s great.
love this site. lots of great work being done here.
lots of good recaps. great site.

welp, that ‘s it. those are the websites. please enjoy them.

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