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4/20 Caricatures Of Staff Members

For 4/20, we had Ben Grasso (above) come in and do caricatures of some of the staff. Ben is actually a fine artist who does amazing paintings, so it ‘s essentially like having Thomas Keller come in and microwave us hot dogs.

John Harris, smoking a big joint, playing tennis and riding an out-of-control Jet Ski that has dismembered some swimmers.

Unidentified person (Zack Poitras), committing burglary on horseback and dunking a basketball.

Dan Abramson in an infinity pool wearing football gear; in the foreground, a giant doughnut and a basketball.

Jesse Neil wearing a Red Sox uniform about to smash Faneuill Hall in Boston with a jazz guitar.

Melinda Taub juggling turtles, soccer balls and apples.

Ben had to leave after drawing the Melinda caricature. It was taking him a really long time to do them because, quote, ‘I think I ‘m really high.”

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