By: Chaz Griggs

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Discover The AWESOME POWER Of Repeating Your Female Coworkers’ Ideas A Little Louder!

Hi, I ‘m Chaz Griggs, professional life coach and RESULTS-ivational speaker.

Do you ever feel like you ‘re not fully tapping into your AWESOME POTENTIAL? Do you find yourself lost in meetings and not making the IMPACT you know you ‘re capable of? Are you tired of being passed over for promotions you know you deserve? Well then my patented POWER-HARNESSING SYSTEM could be right for YOU.

It ‘s called Repeating Your Female Coworkers ‘ Ideas A Little Louder, or RYFCIALL for short. The technique is SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, and has the power to change your life TODAY.

‘You ‘ve got my attention. How does it work?”

It ‘s easy! All you have to do is follow these SIX SIMPLE STEPS:

1) Go to work.

2) Wait for a big meeting.

3) Listen carefully for when your female coworker shares an idea.


5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 throughout the meeting.

6) Watch the accolades pour in!


‘Just how much louder?”

Great question. This is a key area that often trips up beginners. The answer is JUST LOUD ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR YOU, but not so loud that it sounds like you ‘re trying too hard. This has to feel natural. Use the AUTHORITATIVE LOWER REGISTER of your IMPORTANT MALE VOICE to really pierce through the chatter in the room, kind of like the great idea just popped into your head and you were extra-excited to share.

‘But won ‘t the woman who first said the idea get the credit?”

Read my CREDIBLE MALE LIPS: AB-SO-LUTE-LY NOT! It ‘s HER FAULT for not making herself heard. Saying the idea a LITTLE LOUDER and being a MAN is a potent combination that your superiors won ‘t be able to ignore. Remember: You did your homework and CHOSE to apply my POWERFUL TECHNIQUE so you and ONLY YOU deserve the acclaim coming your way.

The beauty of my system is that it doesn ‘t require any extra work. In fact, once you really get the hang of it you ‘ll find you can apply your INFERIOR SKILLS with LESS EFFORT while achieving GREATER REWARDS. RYFCIALL isn ‘t just a technique, it ‘s a WAY OF LIFE.

‘Sounds great, but what ‘s the catch?”

Get this: There isn ‘t one. The RYFCIALL system is airtight. You can use it at:

-business lunches
-office retreats
-group interviews
-the bar with work friends (NOTE: feel free to replace ‘ideas” with ‘jokes”)
-and more! Get CREATIVE!

So what are you waiting for men? Get out there and start RYFCIALLing to your heart ‘s desire! I promise you ‘ll be AMAZED at the results.

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