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Google Launches Its Own Mobile Network Helping Us “Invent The Future Together”

Google announced today that they will be joining the fun and exciting world of mobile carriers! In a blogspot post they explained their plan to provide a unique new wireless service, first making it avaiable to owners of the Nexus 6 Google phone with plans to expand after an initial round of invite only use.

The long and short of the Google wireless plan is to have the user pay for ONLY the data they use (as opposed to the popular model of buying a big chunk and paying for it whether you use it or not) and to also find ways for your phone to use data in the most efficient and automatic ways possible (switching between wifi and to the most powerful networks available). As someone who watches youtube videos and live baseball games on my phone constantly and never considers data usage until after I get my dumb phone bill every month, this seems like a good way to do things.

The plan is called Project Fi and you can watch this Google produced video to (maybe) learn more.

If you ‘re like me you were far too distracted by all the well dressed people doing outdoorsy things on sunny days to listen to what the heck they ‘re trying to tell you. Like this guy:

You might have noticed that the last words in the video are ‘inventing the future together.” That seems like a simple, hopeful message that Google would like you to associate with a new thing that they ‘ve come out with, but, there were actually a number of different phrases considered. Including:

  • ‘Hatching dreams into our connected reality”
  • ‘Devising the solutions that we will live with forevermore”
  • ‘Journeying collaboratively on an innovation boat bound for eternity”
  • ‘Creating for you and with all your friends”
  • ‘Working hard so you don ‘t have to” (already taken by Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner)
  • ‘Foraging collaborative innovation broadly”
  • ‘Conceiving the plans to make your life easier when you ‘re with us as well”
  • ‘Innovating problem-solvers together as if we were close friends”
  • ‘Can we be friends?”

Personally, I think they should have gone with the last one. That ‘s what this (life) is all about right? No matter how much you pay for data.

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