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Trick Shot Artist Can’t Even Bother To Be Impressed

Trick shots on the internet are, well, tricky. At first you ‘re like ‘OH SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT? THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!” Or, if you ‘re the type to see the glass as half empty you ‘re probably like, ‘FAAAAAAAAAKE!” But in either scenario, after awhile you just come to an inevitable realization and are like, ‘Oh, he or she just spent as many takes as necessary in order to make the shot.” After that, you ‘re like, ‘Cool, I guess?”

That being said, YouTube user hijosh manages to pull off a pretty fascinating series of tosses of one thing into another thing. However, what ‘s most impressive, or most frustrating depending on your outlook on life, is that Josh doesn ‘t bother to react to each shot. Not a fist-bump. Not a smile. Not even a quick look backwards to see if it went in. Whether that ‘s good or bad is up for debate, but one thing we know for sure is it provides the world with some excellent #webcontent.

Now, at this point we ‘d like to talk just to Josh. Please stop reading if you ‘re not the trick shot artist from the video below:

Hey, so listen, man. We love that you ‘re making these hot #webvids. Keep ’em coming. We just want to make sure you ‘re having a good time doing it. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile.

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