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Hilarious Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Parody Recaps Fight As Punch-Out Video Game

In case you missed the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight this weekend ‘ either because you didn ‘t want to shell out the money for Pay-Per-View or because you didn ‘t want to tacitly endorse a multitime domestic abuser ‘ this video game recap of the fight has you covered. Done in the style of the old-school Punch-Out Nintendo game, the video pokes fun at Mayweather ‘s controlling terms of the fight and the lack of actual punching action during the 12 rounds of the fight itself, with a pixelated Pacquiao saying, ‘Wow, this fight must be really boring to casual fans.” This video doesn ‘t mention Mayweather ‘s long history of domestic abuse, however. I guess that doesn ‘t translate to video game parody as well. Did we mention that Mayweather is a piece of shit who beats women? He is. Anyway, watch the silly video below.

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