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James Corden Helps Arnold Schwarzenegger Reenact All His Movies In Six Minutes

Move over, Tom Hanks, and let somebody else sit with you on the figurative bench of people who have acted out their entire filmographies super quickly on James Corden ‘s Late Late Show! You can still sit there, just somebody else has to sit on it with you, okay?

Yesterday Corden introduced the second installment of his segment ‘Role Call,” in which he helps an actor reenact all of their films in just a few minutes. Last night ‘s star was none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Mr. Arnold! Mr. Schwarzenegger! Mr. ‘I ‘ll Be Back”/ ‘Get To The Choppa”/probably thousands of other lines from various movies! What a treat it is to see Arnold yell at and/or hit James Corden, all for the sake of recreating movie magic.

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