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Jimmy Fallon And Jack Black Recreate Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ For Some Reason

When you host a late night show, I think you can just do anything? Take for example last night on The Tonight Show, when a long-haired Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black (also long-haired) recreated the 1990 music video for ‘More Than Words” by Extreme. Why would they do that? Because, well, the reasons for doing it are unclear, but the execution of the video is so good that it doesn ‘t really need a reason to exist.

The recreation is so accurate down to the tender hair flips, the casual brushing back of hair, and a couple things in there that don ‘t have anything to do with hair but I was mostly looking at the hair.

Here ‘s Jack & Jimmy ‘s version:

And here ‘s the original video to compare if you ‘d like, but keep in mind, they ‘re pretty much the exact same thing.

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