By: Matt Klinman

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Our New Website Guesses Your Name!

Last week Microsoft released a fun little website where users can upload a photo of themselves and an automated bot will analyze the face and tell the user how old it thinks they are. Not to be outdone, Funny Or Die has made an even better bot that will scan your face and tell you what it looks like your name is. Like you know how some people just look like Davids or Ashleys? It ‘s like that but a robot decides. Head over to to check it out!

Here are some fun examples from around our office!

Jennifer is John

Chris is Jenny and Rob is Stuff In The Distance

This Jennifer is Dan. Pizza has no face.

Our bot doesn ‘t seem to want to recognize the angry, sugar coated face of Adam Levine

Ethan ‘s actual name is Matt and Lauren ‘s actual name is ‘The Shoulder Of A Skeleton”

Cool right? If you are having trouble getting your photo to work try just directly taking a photo by clicking the upload button and then scrolling down on the left to the take picture button. It also seems to like PNG files over JPGs.

Try it out and sorry if we didn ‘t quite get your gender right – we won ‘t be improving this at all though so what you get is what you get! If you decide you like your new name better you can always change your real name by filling out one of these forms.

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