By: Jason Flowers

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‘Kung Fury ‘ Is Complete 80s Insanity, But Holy Shit Is It Amazing

How much longer should we continue to play the 80s for laughs? I mean, we all get it: synthesizers, big hair, talking cars. It ‘s all been done a bazillion times. Honestly, at this point, the mere idea of a movie like Kung Fury seems silly and redundant, right? WRONG, YOU STUPID IDIOT! Who wouldn ‘t want more of whatever movie this is?

If you ‘re not a frequent visitor of the internet and are like, ‘Wait! What ‘s Kung Fury? Who ‘s got mail? How do I Google Bing?” then let ‘s quickly bring you up-to-speed. Funded through Kickstarter back in 2013, Kung Fury was conceived as an insane, over-the-top 80s style action comedy about a renegade ninja cop who must hack his way back in time to kill, you guessed it, Hitler.

Kung Fury was written and directed by David Sandberg, who also stars in the titular role. The Lonely Island ‘s Jorma Tacone is perfectly cast as the ol ‘ Hit-man and brilliant newcomer Triceratops should expect some award buzz this Oscar season for his stunning portrayal of the cop who ‘s also a dinosaur, Triceracop.

And now, thanks to the magic of the internet, the entire 30-minute film is available to watch for the low, low price of completely free. Hell, them ‘s better than 80s prices, kid!

Warning: If you don ‘t love montages, chances are this is probably not the movie for you, but then again, if you don ‘t love montages, you ‘re probably some sort of emotionless robot sent from the future to destroy Earth, so ‘ you ‘re opinion just doesn ‘t count that much. Sorry not sorry.

Oh, and because every great 80s movies needs an inspirational music video/promotional tool to go alongside the film ‘s release, here ‘s David Hasselhoff ‘s True Survivor video, which, honestly, you should have seen already, unless of course you ‘re that same person from the second paragraph who isn ‘t a big ‘interweb” person.

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