By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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Scandal Surrounds The Dog That Won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Britain is up in arms after it ‘s been revealed that a stunt double dog was used in the ‘Britain ‘s Got Talent ‘ winning performance. That ‘s right, Britain was totally fine, nay, excited that the most talented member of their society was a dog. But that line was crossed when they found out that they had been fooled by a doggy double.

Trainer Jules O ‘Dwyer and her beloved canine Matisse captivated audiences with their adorable ‘dog steals sausage” routine, which involved hind leg walking, sneaking in and out of trashcans, a pandering guest appearance from a three-legged dog, and tightrope walking. But it was later revealed that the tightrope walking was performed by another dog, Chase. So even the most talented thing in England, again, a dog, wasn ‘t even all that talented.

The less talented, non-dog half of the duo, O ‘Dwyer, swore that Matisse is completely capable of tightrope walking, but is just a little bit afraid of heights. This sent viewers over the edge, viewers, who happily expressed through voting that the most skilled being in their kingdom has to get his poop scooped up by someone else.

Below is the video of the contested performance. As you will see the routine is of a fun and friendly police interaction that the audience celebrates audibly. But watch closely at the 0:49 mark and share in Britain ‘s outrage over not one, but two dogs beating out a nation ‘s worth of singing,dancing, juggling humans.

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