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Sesame Street’s Jurassic Park Parody Is The Mashup We Needed And The One We Deserve

C is for Cookie and J is for Jurassic and JC is for Jurassic Cookie, the perfect new parody video.

A beautiful thing about this crazy world we live in is two important things from your childhood can be mashed together 20 years after they first came into your life. Sesame Street made a Jurassic Park parody called Jurassic Cookie, which is inarguably the most delightful thing on the internet right now. (Sorry, adorable girl who danced to Aretha Franklin ‘s ‘Respect.” You ‘re a close second.)

The parody is wonderful and hearing Cookie Monster utter, ‘FIRST TIME COOKIE EVER TRY TO EAT ME!”was something I didn ‘t know I needed to hear. But I did need to hear it.

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