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Cops Shut Down Kids’ Lemonade Stand Because They Didn’t Have A Permit So I Made Them One

via Tyler Morning Telegraph

After last week ‘s McKinney pool party incident, where a cop dragged a teen girl across the lawn by her hair and pointed a gun at unarmed party-goers,you would think Texas law enforcement officials might try and cool it a bit in targeting minors. Well, have no fear, the state that demands you don ‘t mess with it so that is can be free to mess with anyone it wants is on a mission to continue tainting what could be fond childhood memories.

In Overton, Texas, a cop shut down two little girls ‘ lemonade and popcorn stand because they didn ‘t have a permit to be running it. The sisters, Zoey an Andria Green, were trying to raise money to take their dad to a local water park for Father ‘s Day. But then the big bad no fun dream-crushin ‘ cop squad rolled up and demanded they shut down their stand.

I, for one, won ‘t sit here silently while two little girls won ‘t be able to afford a fun Father ‘s Day present and will be forced to just ‘watch the game” with him, instead. No. I ‘ve done something about it. I have gone ahead and made them a permit for them to shove in the faces of the Overton cops who are trying to stop them.

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