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An MTV Teen Mom Raps About Diabetes And In A Roundabout Way Makes You Never Want To Have Sex Again

What should Mackenzie McKee, star of MTV ‘s Teen Mom 3, be rapping in advisory against? If someone in the back row is quietly whispering, ‘Having unprotected sex as a young teen,” I ‘m sorry, your plea is being drowned out by her new sexy, hot, rap single about diabetes. McKee ‘s rap debut, ‘The Sweetest Treat,”was released earlier this week and aims to help people living with Type 1 diabetes, a disease she lives with as well, make smart and healthy choices.

Technically, it does list off healthy lifestyle choices to pursue, but it is so absurdly awful it ‘s very hard to listen to the entire song and hear them all. I will give McKee credit, however, that the song dually fights teen pregnancy because absolutely not one thing about the jam is sexy or makes you want to touch, let along make eye contact, with another human being.

Mackenzie,girl, rapping just might not be your thing. Stick to what you ‘re good at, which is ‘ ah, which is not rapping. Yes, stick to that.

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