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Channing Tatum And Jimmy Fallon Perform What Kids Think ‘Magic Mike ‘ Means

Given Hollywood ‘s noticeable void of filmmakers who are children, it ‘s nice that The Tonight Show continues to give opportunities to the world ‘s 6-year-old writers. In the show ‘s latest installment of ‘Kid Theater,” Jimmy Fallon and guest Channing Tatum perform Magic Mike scripts written by young children who don ‘t know anything besides the movie ‘s title.

As was the case with the kids who rewrote Birdman, these child writers think Magic Mike sounds like a cool, special guy, without too many of the dark elements that stuffy adults insert into their scripts. Plus, in one of the kids ‘ Magic Mike scripts, there ‘s a ‘Magic Bird,” too, so just goes to show how freaking crazy kids are about birds; kids love writing about birds!

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