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Possible Employment Opportunities For The Duggar Family Following TLC Canceling ’19 Kids And Counting’

There are many humans in this family.

Following the child sex-abuse scandal involving Josh Duggar molesting several of his siblings, TLC announced it would be canceling the realty show about the large family, 19 Kids and Counting. But with that many humans to work with, there are some other employment opportunities out there besides ‘reality stars” that the family could pursue.

  • Fill in empty audience seats at live tapings of award shows
  • Miners
  • Work on beating any world record currently set at 20 people
  • Finally spend time getting to know kids 8 through 14
  • Take a temporary reality show on MTV about losing their reality show on TLC while they figure out their next steps
  • Co-host The View
  • Form a small militia that will topple the U.S. government as is their religious mandate
  • Become starting lineup of two MLB baseball teams, plus an ump and two mascots
  • Half will become a Brady Bunch, other half a Partridge Family
  • Stack on top of each other in a very big trench coat and see what they can get away with

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