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Bob Odenkirk Answers The Questions People Are Too Nice To Ask Him

A mere few years ago, Bob Odenkirk was just a nice comedian with a cult classic sketch comedy TV show, but now that he ‘s a respected, Emmy-nominated actor in a respected, Emmy-nominated hour-long drama, he ‘s noticed that some people seem too nice to ask him any hard-hitting questions.

That ‘s why the Better Call Saul star brought his own questions to Jimmy Kimmel Live, so that Kimmel could ask him some real, mean questions, like ‘Why are you trying to steal Jon Hamm ‘s Emmy?” See Odenkirks ‘ answers, plus some more big, rude Q ‘s, below:

Also in the show, Kimmel tried to get Odenkirk to play a game of Heatherball (tetherball + Heather Graham ‘s face, duh) and things turned way sour. Maybe if Kimmel had let Odenkirk bring his own game from home this wouldn ‘t have happened.

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