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The Trailer For ‘Impractical Jokers: The Movie ‘ Is HERE

What kind of hijinks can The Tenderloins pull off that have yet to be done? How far will they go for a good laugh? Well, we ‘re all about to find out.

James “Murr ‘ Murray, Brian “Q ‘ Quinn, Joe Gatto, and Sal Vulcano have been challenging each other to ridiculous public dares their whole lives, and millions of people around the world have watched their hilarious antics unfold for over 200 episodes of their show, Impractical Jokers. Now, this team of tomfoolery is going where they ‘ve never gone before: the silver screen.

Oooooh! Ahhhhh!

The mighty forces of truTV, Funny Or Die (hey that ‘s us!), and director Chris Henchy have combined to bring you Impractical Jokers: The Movie, and it arrives in all its glory on Friday, February 21 2020, in select theaters nationwide.

The film features Murr, Q, Joe, and Sal playing themselves in a fictional narrative centering around a humiliating high school mishap. Although the storyline is fiction, the challenges and dares they put each other through, the hidden-camera footage, and the reactions are as real as can be. Oh, and the appearances by Paula Abdul, Jaden Smith, and Joey Fatone, those are real, too.

New episodes of truTV ‘s Impractical Jokers return on Thursday, January 30 at 10:00PM EST/PST.

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