By: Sloane Hughes

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Stay Merry With The ‘Get The F*ck Out Of My House ‘ Candle

Ahh, the holidays. This is a lovely time of year, isn ‘t it? Now we can all slow down a little, come together with our friends and family, and spend some quality time together. Really just inundate ourselves with each others presence. Day after day after day of just… so, so much time together. Okay, on second thought this sounds a little exhausting. We all run out of holiday spirit at some point, and if you ‘re the one hosting, usually you ‘re the first one to bite the candy cane dust. But nobody wants to be That Guy and shut down the party, so most of us will drop subtle hints like, “Oh look at the time! ‘ or, “Man I am so tired I could just go right to sleep now if you guys weren ‘t in my house still haha! ‘

But this year, there ‘s a way to boot out guests that have overstayed their welcome without seeming like a grinch: the Get The Fuck Out Of My House Candle.

Just light the wick of this delightful candle and soon the horrendous smell that fills your home will have your friends and family dashing out the door faster than you can say Jack Frost.

Okay, so maybe this isn ‘t a real product, but “egg farts ‘ and “sweaty Crocs ‘ are scents you can easily recreate yourself.

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