By: Sloane Hughes

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Will Ferrell ‘s Valentine ‘s Day Cards Are Truly, Truly Special

We all know Will Ferrell is a comedian, close friend of Ron Burgundy, very tall, the birth mother of Funny Or Die, and an international man of mystery.

But did you also know he ‘s got a true passion for romance?

It ‘s true, and with Valentine ‘s Day just around the corner, this is his time to shine. Everyone gives cards to the love in their life on Valentine ‘s Day, but no one expresses how they truly feel the way Will Ferrell does. He ‘s not necessarily a poet but he definitely has a way with words, and luckily for Stephen Colbert and all of us watching, last night when he stopped by The Late Show he decided to share some of the love notes he ‘s given his wife.

Everyone, grab a pen and a piece of paper, there ‘s a lot of Valentine ‘s inspiration to be had here.

(As long as your partner has a great sense of humor)

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