By: Matt Harbert


If Adam Sandler Sung ENTIRETY of Hamilton

The soundtrack to Hamilton is 2 hours and 23 minutes.

There are multiple very talented singers that put together the musical masterpiece. But the question after Disney Plus put out Hamilton is – how would this musical sound if every single vocal track was done in an Adam Sandler voice? How would Guns and Ships sound with some heebadees and heebadoos? The answer is clear. Someone had to re-record the entire musical with nothing but Adam Sandler voices. Honestly, I didn ‘t want to do it, it took a very long time to do this. But one thing I learned from Hamilton is that History Has its Eyes on You, and what could I say to History, if I knew that we were going to live in a world without an Adam Sandler Hamilton rendition? I ‘d have to apologize to History, and I don ‘t want to apologize to History, I want to be friends with History. Adam Sandler Hamilton. Enjoy.

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